Video 10: Adroit Choices, Giant Voices

CHAPTER 10. Analysis of the revised cycle of Scripture readings and the Liturgy of the Word in the Missal of Paul VI.

The post-Vatican Mass: Is it really “more scriptural”? Were the “treasures of the Bible” really “opened up more lavishly,” as Paul VI claimed?

The lectionary for the Mass of Paul VI contains thousands more verses of Scripture than the lectionary for the traditional Latin Mass does.

But while there is indeed “more Scripture,” there is less of its actual message, because the revisers tried to shield the average Sunday churchgoer from “negative” ideas such as:

  • Divine wrath
  • Punishment in this life for sin
  • Condemnations of impurity
  • The “narrow gate” to salvation
  • Hell
  • The evils of the world
  • Dangers from heretics, pagans and Jews
  • The “outmoded” New Testament teaching on the role of women.
  • Punishment for receiving the Eucharist unworthily.

In terms of the announced goal of presenting to the faithful what Paul VI called “the foundation of Christian instruction and the core of all theological study,” the Lectionary of the Missal of Paul VI is therefore a gigantic fraud.

“Interesting and illuminating… Cekada’s work is destined to become the scholarly and popular reference work of choice on the liturgical reform in traditionalist circles for some time to come.”

— Reggie Perrin
Religious Studies
6 May 2012


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