Video 9: New Values, New Perspectives

CHAPTER 9. The revised orations in the Missal of Paul VI.

The traditional Missal contains 1182 orations. About 760 of those were dropped entirely when the Missal of Paul VI was created. 422 old orations remained — only 36%. The revisers altered over HALF of them before introducing them into the new Missal. Thus, only 17% of the orations from the old Missal made it untouched into Missal of Paul VI.

Substantial changes were introduced into the doctrinal content of the orations, moreover, regarding “negative theology,” hell, the false glory of the world, souls of the departed, heresy’s evils, the one true Church, the powers of the Roman Pontiff, the merits of the saints, and miracles.

The list of what the revisers eliminated from the orations reads like a syllabus of Catholic doctrines and practices rejected by modernists, Protestants and rationalists.

“I started leafing through it with interest, but I realized very quickly that the book is more than a “Theological Critique of the Mass of Paul VI,” as the subtitle says. It is a voluminous polemic that aggressively defames the Pauline reform… as if it were nothing more than the product of human scheming.”

— Fr. Matias Augé CMF

Reviser of the Orations
for the Missal of Paul VI
blog, October 27 2010

“The book as a whole succeeds in demonstrating the substantial theological difference between the two missals.”

— Dr. Alcuin Reid

Author, The Organic
Development of the Liturgy

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