Video 6. The Cleverness of the Revisers

CHAPTER 6. The protestant and modernist theology behind the 1969 General Instruction on the new Order of Mass provokes a controversy that leads to The Ottaviani Intervention.

The Vatican responds first by lying about the nature of the 1969 Instruction, and then by issuing a revised Instruction in 1970, which places “Tridentine” terms alongside the protestant and modernist terms, thus equating two different theological concepts of the Mass.

The new order of Mass, which had been formulate on the basis of protestant and modernist theology, however, was not changed in 1970, and is the same rite used in our cathedrals and parish churches to this day.


“Note that Cardinal Ottaviani speaks about the rites, not the Instruction. As Cekada ably demonstrates, the theological principles so boldly outlined in the 1969 Instruction guided the decisions about what went, remained, or was invented for the rites of the Mass of Paul VI (just look the Offertory)…

“However, as Cekada deftly observes, the prayers and rites of the 1969 Order of Mass are identical to those of 1970: a defective building is not rectified by scribbling a few changes on the blueprints.”

— Dr. Alcuin Reid
The Organic Development of the Liturgy

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