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The Ottaviani Intervention. The revised 1970 General Instruction for the Roman Missal.

Fr. Cekada on The Ottaviani Intervention: Video Conversation

SOON AFTER the New Mass appeared in 1969, a group of Roman theologians and liturgists met to discuss producing a critique of the new rite, which would then be submitted to Paul VI by Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, former Prefect of the Holy Office. Fr. M.L. Guérard des Lauriers OP wrote the text of the critique, […]

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Video 6. The Cleverness of the Revisers

CHAPTER 6. The protestant and modernist theology behind the 1969 General Instruction on the new Order of Mass provokes a controversy that leads to The Ottaviani Intervention. The Vatican responds first by lying about the nature of the 1969 Instruction, and then by issuing a revised Instruction in 1970, which places “Tridentine” terms alongside the […]

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Alcuin Reid: Cekada’s Book on New Mass “Flags the Big Question We’ve Not Been Prepared to Face”

• “Carefully argued. • “Well researched.” • Ably demonstrates that “The Mass of Paul VI remains, in its Latin original… intentionally theologically different to what came before.”  • “The book as a whole succeeds in demonstrating the substantial theological difference between the two missals.” • “Also succeeds in demonstrating the impact of a doctrinally different […]

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