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Key issues and thesis.

Video 1: What’s the Fuss About?

CHAPTER 1: New interest in the traditional Latin Mass. Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum. Importance of the doctrinal issue. Presentation of main thesis (contention) of the book. Method: Systematic examination of the prayers and ceremonies of the Mass of Paul VI. Reference to writings of men responsible for creating the New Mass. “Full of interesting and credible […]

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Missal Translation Director Praises Cekada’s Book on the Mass of Paul VI

• “Full of interesting and credible analysis.” • “An important contribution to the current debate.” • “A genuinely informative work.” • “Does not skimp on scholarly detail.” • “A clear commitment to presenting the fullest possible narrative account of the evolution of the current Roman Missal.” • “A legitimate claim to being the fullest account […]

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Benedict XVI and Communion in the Hand: Put Aside Your Illusions

EVER SINCE the post-Vatican II revolution began, the liturgical change that faithful Catholics regarded as most horrifying was communion in the hand. It overthrew everything — everything — we had been taught to believe about the ineffable holiness of the Real Presence and the sacred character of the priesthood. The 16th-century Protestant heretics who abolished […]

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Msgr. Marini and “Richness”

ONE OF the stars in the firmament for those who see Benedict XVI as a great restorer of traditional liturgical practices is Msgr. Guido Marini, Pontifical Master of Liturgical Ceremonies. (Pictured below.) Msgr. Marini, appointed to his post in October 2007, is credited with giving Vatican ceremonies a more traditional look and feel. The spectacularly […]

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“Re-Catholicizing” the New Mass?

AS I NOTED in the opening pages of Work of Human Hands, one factor that led me to begin working on the book once again in November 2008 was the increasing interest that the younger generation of post-Vatican II clergy was beginning to take in traditional Catholic liturgical practices. This enthusiasm for the old was […]

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